The HubTraffic program is temporarily closed. We do not track any traffic you send at the moment. We will provide an update when the program is reopened.

Industry Leading Payouts
Includes mobile and embed traffic
Geo targeted pricing
Reliable monthly payouts
Comprehensive Stats
Per-site visitor tracking
Mobile and desktop analytics
Daily stats updates
Advanced Tools
Extensive dump generator
Multiple RSS feeds
Custom API
Country Name CPM PC CPM Mobile CPM Tablet Bonus Offered
Detailed statistics for mobile and desktop traffic
Separate stats per domain (your sites) and per product (our sites)
Traffic quality metrics including unique visits, bounce rate and geo distribution
Comprehensive earning details including average CPC and earnings
Extensive dump generator per product with full access to each video database
Multiple RSS feeds containing the latest video information
Custom API to generate automated video results
Large variety of embeddable banners and widgets
Advanced filters for content targeting


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